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Inside Polo 9

INSIDE POLO with Ron Allen

Mention the successful polo teams in the world and one players name
will always come up. Talk about some of the best horses in the game and
that same players name will come up again.
The teams: Ellerstina, La Dolfina, Indios Chapaleufu and White Birch
The horses: Sue Ellen, Jazz, Califa and Kentucky
Who is this guy who has been rated 10 goals three times?
Meet Mariano Aguerre


He won the Triple Crown in Argentina in 1994. Few players can make
that claim. He’s played in the Argentine Open 16 times and went to the
winner’s podium 8 times. In the 119-year history of the Argentine Open,
the title game has gone into overtime five times and Aguerre was there
all five times and he won it all five times.



Gonzalo Pieres Sr. brought him to Palm Beach when he was 17 years
old and only a zero goal player. Mariano partnered with Peter Brant on
the White Birch team and went on to win a record eight U.S. Gold Cups.
He was the U.S. “Player of The Year” in 2005. Aguerre’s January victory
in the Barry Cup plus his fourth chukker horse Jackie winning the Best
Playing Pony award will pave the way for the start of another exciting
year of winning polo for this 43-year-old polo super star.

Mariano & Ron after he won the Barry Cup


Ron Allen is the polo commentator for ESPN Television