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PoloLine Newsletter 27 - May 2012

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Newsletter May 2012



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  • UK

    England vs USA

    St Regis Test match

    England defeated the USA by a mere half goal in what was a gripping, edge of the seat match from start to finish. MVP went to Nic Roldan who showed that he is pretty dangerous off 7 goals.
    If you didn’t make it on the day, you can watch the whole game plus interviews on pololine.tv

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  • UK


    Cartier Queens Cup

    There have been some interesting score lines so far. Zacara, who did so well last summer and in the USA, have yet to chalk up a win, losing to Sumaya on Monday. Dubai and La Bamba also suffered defeats but Dubai redressed the balance with a convincing win over Belmont Farm. El Remanso also enjoyed a triumph over Salkeld. It looks like this year’s tournament is wide open...all the latest news will be right here on PoloLine.

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    Pinkster Polo, Waalre

    HV Polo beat QM by just half a goal to take the Pinkster Polo Trophy. Eight teams entered and to ensure competitive games, every team played a final – be it for 1st, 3rd, 5th or 7th. PoloLine will be back in Holland in June to cover more tournaments - polo in Europe is booming so see it all right here!

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    Scapa Beach Polo

    Six 12 goal teams took part in the 14th year of this firm favorite in the polo calendar. Loewe and Scapa Sports made the final, with Loewe just running out the winners.


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  • The Audi Polo Awards 2012

    Julius Baer

    Julius Baer were title sponsors of the Victor Ludorum Awards at the annual Polo Awards. The four trophies that make up the Victor Ludorum series are amongst the most coveted in UK polo, representing a cumulative win of some of the toughest tournaments in England. The HPA's Victor Ludorum Awards reward the highest achievers in four categories of polo - the 18, 15, 12 and the 8 goal. To reinforce Julius Baer’s commitment and support of the future generation of polo players, 2012 welcomed a new award to the event - The Julius Baer Victor Ludorum Most Outstanding Young Player Award.


    The third Argentine day of 2012 will be held during the semis and final (May 30th and June 2nd) of the Copa Ouro Sao Jose Polo, in Inadaiatuba, near Sao Paulo in Brazil. The Institute will have a VIP space next to other sponsors and will showcase the gorgeous landscapes, activities and delicious wines of its country. Brazil is the latest country to be added to the existing nations that Argentina visits to promote her offerings.

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