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INSIDE POLO with Ron Allen

The Polo Hall of Fame’s newest inductee is a tough, hard riding player
from Texas by the name of Mike Azzaro (7). He was 10 goals for 14
years, longer than any other modern day American player and Mike
has a trophy case full of awards to prove he is worthy of this latest
accolade. Mike’s first award was “Young Player of the Year” in 1987
followed by “Player of the Year” in 1994. That’s the year he reached the
finals of every tournament he played in during the Palm Beach season in
addition to winning the U.S. Open in California.


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Just a year later the USPA mistakenly dropped him back to 9 but Mike
proved them wrong and regained his 10-goal title again in 1996.

Known for his aggressive forward style of play he is one of only four
American players to ever compete in the prestigious Argentine Open
Polo Championship. In 1995 he received a standing ovation when he
rode onto the Palermo field with his La Mariana team.


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His latest accomplishment was last year winning the U.S. Open with
Zacara after his original team, Crab Orchard, was disbanded after the
USPA made a last minute handicap change on one of his teammates.
Mike put on a powerful performance in the finals winning MVP and his
6th Open title.


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Azzaro joins a stellar list of other 10 goal greats including Memo &
Carlos Gracida, Julian Hipwood, Owen Reinhart, Tommy Wayman, Adam
Snow and Gonzalo Pieres in the Polo Hall of Fame.

Ron Allen is a reporter for Pololine TV and also works for ESPN TelevisionInside Polo 10 html 4f56f447Inside Polo 10 html m3ecdfdb3Inside Polo 10 html m236ccf59