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Thursday June 15th, Monty Waterbury Cup game 3



Thursday June 15th
11am - Airstream vs Cavalleria Toscana - field 3
After tomorrows match we will head to the club and have an asado for the players, grooms and families.
The schedule and final roster are attached.
any questions please let me know.
thank you.
Raleigh Craighead
Polo Manager

Monty Waterbury Cup 2017 Schedule

Sunday, June 11th

3pm Postage Stamp Farm vs Airstream

Wednesday, June 14th

5pm Postage Stamp Farm vs Work To Ride

Thursday, June 15th

11am Airstream vs Cavalleria Toscana

Sunday, June 18th

3pm Work to Ride vs Cavalleria Toscana

Wednesday, June 21st

5pm Postage Stamp Farm vs Cavalleria Toscana

Thursday, June 22nd

5pm Airstream vs Work To Ride

Sunday, June 25th

10am Subsidiary

3pm Final

NOTE: the schedule above is subject to change by the Host Tournament

Committee due to weather conditions and unforeseen issues. Each day

between June 11th and June 25th will be considered an optional playing

day and may be used in case of inclement weather.

Monty Waterbury Cup 2017 Roster

Postage Stamp Farm 18

Annabelle Gundlach A

Brandon Phillips 5

Joao Ganon 7

Kris Kampsen 6

Work To Ride 20

Joseph Manheim A

Nick Manifold 4

Mariano Aguerre 9

Mariano Gonzalez 7

Airstream 18

Chris Brant A

Marcos Garcia Del Rio 5

Tomas Garcia Del Rio 8

Tommy Biddle 5

Cavalleria Toscana 18

Mike Davis A

Toro Ruiz 5

Matias Magrini 8

Lucas Diaz Alberdi 5