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Polo Will Never be the Same

Hi There-

I recently learned that 87% of current 0’s have never been rated higher.

We think that’s crazy! And that, with the right COACHING (and effort), most players SHOULD be able to rise to the next level.

That’s why we created our LRP Immersion Weekends … to help you tap into your potential and raise your game, all while playing REALLY fun polo.

We have a few spots open this Spring, at Langdon Road Polo Club in Aiken SC, in each of our two Immersion Weekends: May 4 - 6 or May 11 - 13.

Owen Rinehart, Julian Daniels and I will be your coaches.

You will play two, open, good old-fashioned-four-man, 12 goal match games with a private coaching session in between.

Our experience coaching Team USPA tells us this is the best way to help you make big leaps in a short amount of time.

In the first game, on Friday, we are watching for those easy-fixes that we can help you with immediately: swing hiccups, stirrup length, positioning, transitions, etc.

We’ll have an asado that evening. Then a private coaching session on Saturday to work on what we saw. If you have specific concepts you want to work on, we can do that too.

Saturday night you are on your own for dinner or we can go out as a group for dinner in town.

Sunday, we’ll mix up the teams and play again.

This time it is a bit more competitive and gives you a chance to cement what we worked on.

Afterwards, we have lunch and a small trophy presentation.

If you’re tired of feeling in a rut, or just want to play some fun, fast polo, focused on you (instead of win at all costs) we’d love to have you join us for a weekend of competition and learning.

You will make new friendships and -- through the guidance offered by experienced coaching -- develop a foundation that you can use to take your game to the next level.

⇒ Go to our website for all the details: langdonroadpolo.com

See you there?

Warmest Regards,

- Adam Snow

P.S. If you have a pro, feel free to bring them. We will mix them in with the teams. If not, no worries. We fill out the teams with local pros and Team USPA members.

P.P.S. Additional services can be arranged upon request. We have access to swing analysis, horses for you to try … just let us know how we can help

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